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Carpeting Done Right by Your Local Basic Home Improvement Specialist!

Basic home improvement Beltsville, MD,

When you feel like your home needs a bit of sprucing up, perhaps it’s time to consider the comfort and decorative possibilities of carpets. Wall to wall carpeting is still a valid way of adding insulation while considering the overall aesthetics of the room. Clayton Home And Flooring LLC is the trusty basic home improvement specialist in Beltsville, MD who can help you out with this endeavor. With years of experience to draw from, we can install any type of carpeting you desire. We can even help you choose the right carpeting for your needs.

If you visit our shop in Beltsville, MD you will find that we are stocked with a wide variety of carpets. Once you choose the pattern, color, thickness, material, and type of carpeting you desire, we can proceed to an on-sight inspection. This is so that we can measure the space the new carpeting needs to cover. From then on we will handle every step of the installation process. We will clear down and remove any damages or bumps in the previous flooring that may cause your new carpets to bulge up and look unsightly. We will use the proper tools and high-quality materials that will make sure your carpets stay properly in place. Our skilled technicians will do a detailed job and ensure every corner is covered and fitted perfectly.

Here at Clayton Home And Flooring LLC, we believe carpeting to be a great basic home improvement idea for many different reasons. It provides your home with a great extra layer of insulation. This makes your residence more energy efficient and saves you money on heating bills in the long run. Carpeting provides you with comfort and elevates the room making it look classy. If you have a children’s area in the home, soft and fuzzy carpeting provides not only warmth but extra padding to ensure their safety. Lastly, if you are a musician, carpeting will be an extra step towards better acoustics and soundproofing.

To find the right carpeting for your home, call Clayton Home And Flooring LLC at (240) 832-9485 or visit our conveniently located shop in Beltsville, MD. Let us help you elevate your home with well-executed basic home improvement.


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